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Guidelines are being updated to reflect changes required by the pandemic.

Ride Leader Guidelines

  1. Post your ride on the Ride Schedule..
  2. If you have a cell phone, include its number on the cue sheet and have your cell phone on during the ride.
  3. Arrive 10-15 minutes before the ride start time.
  4. Have riders' contact info.
  5. Welcome the riders and brief them on details of ride stops, problems, pace, and potential problems.
  6. Ask new riders about their bike’s status and if they have tubes, repair kit, and so on.
  7. Make sure the riders wear helmets.
  8. "Lead from the rear" or appoint someone to "ride sweep!"
  9. Ride at the advertised pace!
  10. After finishing the ride, make sure that all riders are accounted for.
  11. Post your ride report on the Ride Reports page.

Rider Responsibilities

  1. Arrive early and be ready to leave on time.
  2. Some starting points do not have restrooms, plan accordingly.
  3. Make sure your bicycle is in proper working order before you arrive.
  4. Carry a spare tube, patch kit, pump, water bottle and snack.
  5. Carry identification and emergency money.
  6. Bring a cue sheet and/or have the route downloaded to your GPS device.
  7. Wear a helmet!
  8. Practice safety and obey all traffic laws.
  9. Do not "bike off" more than you can do. Go on rides within your ability, interest and experience level. If in doubt, phone the ride leader or check the club website for guidelines: https://ohbike1.wildapricot.org/classifications
  10. Riders should maintain the pace as advertised. Riders may ride faster or slower than this pace if they know the route and advise the leader accordingly. In this case the leader will not be responsible for the cyclists' safe return or completion of the ride.
  11. Riders should advise the ride leader if the they will not complete the ride or deviate from the designated route.
  12. Riders should warn nearby cyclists of road debris or, when in the rear, warning leading cyclists of approaching motorists from behind.
  13. Riders should as simple courtesy help out others with mechanical problems. Riders will try to help but there is no obligation to wait for cyclists with major breakdowns.
  14. Riders should use common sense and courtesy. 

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